FAQ on Home Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repairs Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to fix a stove?

It depends what’s wrong with the stove as there are many things that could affect your stove and our technicians will need to come inspect the problem in order to estimate how long the repair will take. Our technicians generally take 3 to 4 hours to take apart a stove and put it back together. So, your stove will be fixed within a few hours depending on the problem.

Is it possible for you to deliver a stove from the shop and install it as well?

Yes, we would be happy to transport your stove. Our technicians are mobile in and around Johannesburg, usually spotted in our vans and other vehicles transporting different types of appliances. Contact us and we will transport and install your stove today.

One of my stove plates just stopped working, how will you fix this?

When have replaced over a hundred stove plates, we have more than enough experience to repair any type of stove. We guarantee to fix your stove by the end of the day. Give a call or send us your request and you will receive a free estimation to get you started.

My washing machine does not spin, do fix washing machines?

Yes, your washing machine is broken and needs part replacements, we have extra parts and when you buy from us you get discounted on your washing machine repair costs. We will save you money and get your washing machine spinning again.

Do you guys fix microwave machines?

That is what we do! Microwaves can be affected by many things and you should be aware that sometimes the damage may be too much to repair and driving costs high or may just buy a new one. To save money on your microwave machine repair, call us today and we will get your microwave warming up your food today.